Transportation Programs - TDM

If you’re ready to step out and explore the area, our community is conveniently
located, within walking distance of a variety of popular restaurants and local attractions, metro and
public transportation accessibility. A metro transit screen is located in the lobby displaying real time
features. Below you will find additional websites to assist in your travel

§ :
§ WMATA Metrobus Routes
§ DC Bicycle maps
Capitol Bikeshare and Car Share have also been offered for your convenience. You can find more
details on how to obtain membership at:  . The above mentioned can also be found in the rental office.




Your Property Manager Mrs. Lauren Hillian is your TDM Transportation leader and she can introduce new initiatives, provide information and build awareness round the District of Columbia resident transportation programs and benefits.


Lauren Hillian

3605 Minnesota Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20019